Regarding Race, Nation, and Our Future

Written Work by Graham T. Baden

Occam’s Hourglass

Occam's Hourglass

Nom d’Être: Hermeneutic Agency

Battle of Algiers X Hegel

To Name is to Destroy. To Be is to Create. Who is the Agent, and Who controls Him?

Here are found essays regarding the methods we develop to define ourselves.

The identity politics of nationalism, gender, and ethnicity are explored within a global setting.

Fati Ex Machina: The Truth is History

Trapped in the Amber of the Moment, Does Man make History or does History make Man?

 Here are found essays regarding the illusion of choice and the subtlety of the moment.

Does mankind decide its own fate, or is it perhaps something grander?

Alas Avatar: Digital Nonduality

Red Pill Blue Pill -- The Matrix

We are entering a Brave New World without Boundaries. Can Humanity escape the Ego through our Digital Future?

Here are found essays regarding the limits of  material and the lure of the Flat Earth.

As cultural exchange hurdles the boundaries of territory and tongue,  religion and race, time and space, how will we differentiate ourselves in the Digital Age?

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  1. Hope lynda
    April 25, 2015

    Hey graham
    I really appreciate ur works and may u stay blessed please

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