Regarding Race, Nation, and Our Future

Written Work by Graham T. Baden

Legislation, Leadership, and Violence: The Politics of Change in a Divided World


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Pan-African, Pan-Cameroonian: The Success, Influence, and Failure of the Union des Populations Camerounais

  Download the PDF here Hist.392.presentation.UPC

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Covet/Budget — This Week’s Wish List

It’s hard not to want to take everything home with you when you work at an antiques store. Walking through the shop, cleaning and helping customers, it’s sometimes all I can … Continue reading

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Film Analysis — The Gods Must Be Crazy

At first glance, “The Gods Must Be Crazy” is an innocent comedy, full of guiltless slapstick and overtly-prolonged gags. Billed as “an epic comedy of absurd proportions,” it has become … Continue reading

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