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Covet/Budget — This Week’s Wish List

covet-- budget 001It’s hard not to want to take everything home with you when you work at an antiques store. Walking through the shop, cleaning and helping customers, it’s sometimes all I can do not to say, “No, actually that one’s reserved…”

This week is no different.

I’ve always had a thing for lamps. My apartment has half a dozen already and I always seem to want more. In the grand scheme of things, you can’t do much better than a Tiffany Lamp. [edit. My father has since read this and corrected me. I shouldn’t call this a Tiffany because it’s a B&H in the Tiffany Style. (eg. Kleenex for Tissue) I have a lot to learn!] The colors on this one are glorious! It would look so good in my office. While it has had a couple pieces replaced over its history, they were done tastefully and by a professional. This one’s a knock out.

The only problem: it’s a little out of my current “lamp budget,” if you will.

With a ticket price set at $895, this Bradley & Hubbard stained glass treasure is an interwar masterpiece, but– even without calling my wife for permission– is a bit beyond my pocketbook.

In the words of my beautiful wife, let’s keep looking…

covet-- budget 004


Here’s one! Looking a little further into the store, I find another lamp; an Art Deco gem. This beautiful library lamp is just my style (I mean, I almost live at the library…), and it’s only $95. This Emeralite Desk Lamp (#8734) dates from between the Big Wars also, and I can almost imagine it sitting on Fitzgerald or Hemingway’s desk.

There is one substantial chip to the shade that is definitely noticeable, but it screams of use, of wear, and of spirit.

covet-- budget 009

How did it happen? Was it tipped over in one of Hemingway’s drunken, lost-generation rants? We will probably never know. If you’re not into chips, shades can be cheaply and easily replaced. A little info can be found here.

Rooting around in the back, I find a dusty alternative.


This little guy is only $100! It’s a bit smaller but it has no chip! For someone not particularly interested in finding a replacement shade, this might be a winner.


Uh, oh. An European plug. These can be replaced fairly easily, but again, it’ll take a bit of work… Like any antique, finding the perfect piece takes a bit of luck, or it takes getting your hands dirty

So this week, I’ll have to do some thinking. That Emeralite is speaking to me though…

Better ask the Wife.

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